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Cosmonauts Avenue:“Summertime.”

Cotton Xenomorph: “Self-Interrogation.”

Crazyhorse: “In a Dream, I Get Married in an Abandoned Mall.”

Diode Poetry Journal: “I’ve Spent my Summer Searching through Boxes of Genitalia,” “Six-Day War,” and “Walking Around with a Broken Umbrella.”

Flock Literary Journal: “Why is Your Grandmother’s Name Jehad?”

Flypaper Lit: “Unkept.”

Foundry: “Origins and Shattered Concrete.”

Hobart: “In Which the White Woman on my Thesis Committee Asks Me about Witness.”

Jellyfish Magazine: “Ode to Friendship” and “What is Endless, What is Gold.”

Michigan Quarterly Review: “Breaking [News].”

POETRY: “Fuck Your Lecture on Craft, My People are Dying,” and “Breaking [News].”

Poets.org: “Breaking [News].”

The Rumpus: “Thirst,” “I Once Looked in a Mirror and Couldn’t See My Body.”

TriQuarterly: “Against Death.”

Underblong Poetry Journal: “Where Did My Hymen Go? & Other Google Searches,” and “Poem in Which My Mother Tells Me Not To Do A Pap Smear Because It Might Tear My Nonexistent Hymen.” Nominated for Best of the Net, 2019.

Winter Tangerine: “The Shell of a Cactus Fruit.” Nominated for Best New Poets, 2019.


Adroit Journal: “American Beings.”

American Poetry Review: “On Language and Mourning.”

Gay Mag: “Identity Politic Confessional.”

Literary Hub: “Against Erasure.” Part of a folio of Palestinian-Americans responding to Nakba. Read the full folio here.


Hearing the Silence by Philip Metres. Review. Kenyon Review.

the specimen’s apology by George Abraham. Review. Glass Poetry.

11 Palestinian Poets to Read, published by Entropy.


2021 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship Finalist.

2020 Twelve Literary Arts Barbara Smith Resident.