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‘What’s Going On With This Lake?’ Addressing Infant Mortality with Akron’s Vulnerable Parents. 

One Neighborhood, 30 Languages: Building Community in North Hill 

‘A Road to Nowhere:’ How the Construction of the Innerbelt Displaced Thousands

For Akronites in food deserts, finding and preparing healthy food is an ongoing struggle

Akronites with undocumented family members face years-long waits for answers

It’s Even Harder Than You Think When Your Kid is Addicted to Heroin

Akron Public Schools to launch College and Career Academies this fall

A Different Kind of Challenge | Motherhood in Addiction and Recovery

Put The Shovel Down When You Hit Rock Bottom: Red’s Story. Pt. 1

‘You never know when it’s going to end’: What it’s like to be one of Akron’s 452 homeless teens


Akron’s Steve Arrington on 30 Years of Advocacy for Men With HIV

Yoly Miller: Behind the Camera with a Grassroots Akron Cheerleader

At Shawarma Brothers, siblings serve ‘a little bit of home’

Barbara Minney on Poetry, Marriage and Transition

A Taste Some Will Always Remember, A Taste Others Will Never Forget


Rita Dove on Love, Race, Family and Akron History

‘It’s Never Too Late to Recover:’ Nine Akron Artists on Addiction, Recovery and Perseverance 

‘Loneliness Is A Terminal Disease’ uses poetry and dance to explore life with HIV

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