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For domestic violence survivors, shame, abuse and patchwork of support services ‘make leaving really complicated’

‘A preventable disaster:’ Akron Art Museum employees, former chairman say museum’s leaders let them down

Child asthma runs rampant in Akron

‘What’s Going On With This Lake?’ Addressing Infant Mortality with Akron’s Vulnerable Parents. 

One Neighborhood, 30 Languages: Building Community in North Hill 

‘A Road to Nowhere:’ How the Construction of the Innerbelt Displaced Thousands

For Akronites in food deserts, finding and preparing healthy food is an ongoing struggle

Akronites with undocumented family members face years-long waits for answers

It’s Even Harder Than You Think When Your Kid is Addicted to Heroin

Akron Public Schools to launch College and Career Academies this fall

A Different Kind of Challenge | Motherhood in Addiction and Recovery

Put The Shovel Down When You Hit Rock Bottom: Red’s Story. Pt. 1

‘You never know when it’s going to end’: What it’s like to be one of Akron’s 452 homeless teens


Russ Neal has firm foundation in civil rights and community advocacy

Councilwoman Sharon Connor recalls her political struggles

Akron’s Steve Arrington on 30 Years of Advocacy for Men With HIV

Yoly Miller: Behind the Camera with a Grassroots Akron Cheerleader

At Shawarma Brothers, siblings serve ‘a little bit of home’

Barbara Minney on Poetry, Marriage and Transition

A Taste Some Will Always Remember, A Taste Others Will Never Forget


Rita Dove on Love, Race, Family and Akron History

‘It’s Never Too Late to Recover:’ Nine Akron Artists on Addiction, Recovery and Perseverance 

‘Loneliness Is A Terminal Disease’ uses poetry and dance to explore life with HIV

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