Selected Publications



Work forthcoming in The Rumpus and American Poetry Review. Check back soon!

*Micro-Chapbook from Porkbelly Press! Buy here.* Check out my interview with Josh Roark at Frontier Poetry about Diary of a Filthy Woman here

Diode Poetry Journal: “I’ve Spent my Summer Searching through Boxes of Genitalia,” “Six-Day War,” and “Walking Around with a Broken Umbrella.”

Flock Literary Journal: “Why is Your Grandmother’s Name Jehad?”

Foundry: “Origins and Shattered Concrete.”

Frontier Poetry: “Filthy Woman During Ramadan.”

Glass Poetry: “Filthy Woman Writes a Letter.”

Jet Fuel Review: “At a Coffee Shop in Akron,” and “Attempt #1.”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: “Song for an Eviction Notice” and “Ghazal for Palestine.”

Whiskey Island Magazine: “The Mathematics of Anger: Statistical Elements of Idenity,” and “Fe2O3·nH2O + (FeO(OH), Fe(OH)3).”

Winter Tangerine: “The Shell of a Cactus Fruit.”


Literary Hub: “Against Erasure.” Part of a folio of Palestinian-Americans responding to Nakba. Read the full folio here.


the specimen’s apology by George Abraham. Read the review here.

11 Palestinian Poets to Read, published by Entropy. Read here.