Cover and blurbs are in!


Hey friends!

The blurbs for Diary of a Filthy Woman, forthcoming from Porkbelly Press, are in! It’s been an exciting week finalizing the cover and receiving the blurbs for my micro-chapbook. This is real now! Is this real? [Internally screaming!]

Big thanks to Mary Biddinger, George Abraham, and Leila Chatti for spending some time with the poems and writing the kindest words. And to Cleveland based artist Tanya Gonzalez for designing the cover.

Check out the blurbs below:

“I know freedom as the heavy//hum of the air whipping/past my ears.” So begins this provocative, fiery collection of poems by Noor Hindi. For Filthy Woman, freedom is a heaviness and a rush, laden with the thrill of desire, the threat of shame, and the potential for self-invention through language. These poems snarl and buck; they dare you to look. – Leila Chatti

The world is a mess. Clearly we need a new heroine. Not Moll Flanders or even Lady Lazarus, but the remarkable protagonist of Noor Hindi’s Diary of a Filthy Woman. This is no coy literary adventurer of yesteryear, but a harrowing voice of wisdom, resistance, and vulnerability. The heroine we need, the one who urges us to embrace our ragged edges, speaks to empower those on the margins and in the crosshairs. “I stuff sunflowers into my mouth hoping / to be as delicate as their petals // rather than the hazardous waste that I am,” begins “Filthy Woman Just Wants to Be Beautiful.” And yet it’s the act of consumption that becomes the ultimate vehicle for beauty in this collection, steeped in Ohio landscape and roiling with tensions of identity and desire. With Diary of a Filthy Woman Hindi has distinguished herself among emerging poets, creating a vibrant persona with the power to “make a bonfire out of want.” – Mary Biddinger

In Diary of a Filthy Woman, the body is holy in existence & contradiction: in want, in prayer, in the filth it’s assigned & the filth it transcends. Here, internalized shame is dissected, conquered, and reclaimed; here, Hindi confronts the conversations we run from. Palestinians & Arabs need Hindi’s voice. As the West silences & rewrites Palestinian narratives, Hindi’s chapbook screams loudly to take back this stolen space. Hindi writes, “I am a filthy Immigrant//I take your jobs/ beware the way// I sink my knees/ into a dusty prayer// rug and wish you a happy Ramadan.” To call these poems “timely” is to reduce them to their interaction with a world that wants us dead, when in truth, Noor Hindi is a voice we have always needed. This chapbook is not small or tiny; this work is so much bigger than all of us can even imagine. – George Abraham, author of the specimen’s apology (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019)

Aside from all of this madness, Spring 2018 is underway at the NEOMFA. I’ve been spending some time with Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, the new issue of Bennington Review, and POETRY magazine. Lately, I’m looking forward to AWP and helping The University of Akron Press at table T504. Come visit us. We’ll have beautiful buttons and FOUR new poetry collections by Emilia Phillips, Anne Barngrover, Anne Barngrover, and Emily Rosko!

I’ll also be seeing CAConrad at Cleveland State University on Thursday, which I’m hoping will jumpstart my creativity again. I’ve been slow moving when it comes to writing poems lately, and generally feeling uninspired.

Anyway, see y’all at AWP in three weeks. It’s going to be a blast.

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